Let It Snow!

When January rolls around and it is time to take down the Christmas decorations, our house always seems to look so bare. Then, the January blahs set in, the days are so short and the weather is cold and dreary. To counteract that feeling this year, I decided to keep some of my more “wintery” decorations on display so I made this “Let it Snow” frame using some of the wonderful Suzie Snowflake collection. I love the contrast in colors with this collection, the blues, greens and reds make for some very fun Christmas/Winter pages and home d├ęcor projects.

--Jane Davies
BTW: Congratulations to our Suzy Snowflake Collection winner, Lorrie Kibler!

Christmas Creativity

Christmas time is here again. Time to bring out the decorations, and make some new ones too!

I pulled out my Suzy Snowflake collection of paper, diecuts, and chipboard stickers, and went to work on covering a plain wooden "cd holder" house into a Chritsmas card holder. I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the wood, and layered on an extra coat for additional protection and shine. I added the chipboard stickers last. I think it's a fun little holiday house, and is a great place to put cards as we receive them.
Melissa Ackerman had some fun with the Suzy Snowflake papers too! She used Sparkle Modge Podge to adhere paper pieces to a pointe shoe---SOOOO cute! Then she covered the whole thing with a couple of layers of clear acrylic sealer.

I hope you have some time for some Christmas creativity this season as well! If you're a fan of Scribble Scrabble's Suzy Snowflake collection, and would like to have your own (you can see the entire line on our website), please post a comment and you'll be entered in a random drawing for the chance to win a complete set. I'll notify the winner via email on December 19th.
Happy Holidays!
Cynthia Coulon


This is the time of year to overlook the often unfortunate weather and concentrate instead on our blessings. There are so many things to be thankful for. As a scrapbooker/crafter, no doubt that family and friends are very high on the list of things we are thankful for. But what about the little things that enable us to enjoy this hobby? Let us remember to be thankful for our eyesight, the dexterity in our hands, the ability to form thoughts and to translate those thoughts into journaling. Let us be thankful for the time and opportunities we have to create. Let us be thankful for self adhesive products, because we all know how much easier they make our crafting time. Let us be thankful for one another, and to be inspired by those around us. The cross stitching element of this layout was inspired by another member of the Scribble Scrabble design team who recently won the title of Scrapbooker of the Year in the UK, Stephanie Garbett. We are so proud of you Stephanie!

Happy Fall and in the Spirit of Thanksgiving, we'd love to see a Scribble Scrabble layout you've created with the topic "Thankful". Please leave us a link.

By: Danielle Layton

Baby Bath Gift

Tis the start of the gift giving season. So many new babies born around this time of year, I know my son was. My Scribble Scrabble project today includes 4 photos that illustrate how to make a baby gift from a drawer organizer I purchased for $4.99 from the container store. I'm a military wife, and frequently need to give a fast and inexpensive baby gift to the other women in the company. So I originally took my husband's drawer organizer for his ties, (later I just bought them new). I paint and cover the box with paper, and load the altered box up with bath samples for a new baby. I change the paper for boy/blue and girl/pink. The Scribble Scrabble Baby Circus line is perfect for this because it includes both blue and pink papers, or other neutral papers if you don't know the gender (like green). I usually do the box after I get the call about a baby being born in the company, so I usually know. I added some clear wrap, ribbon, and a Scribble Scrabble die cut lab as a tag. Fast, simple, and inexpensive. And you can use the left over paper for scrapbooking or cards, what's not to love about that?

Altered Baby Bath Gift (from Drawer organizer)
Instructions:1. Sand paper glossy finish off box.2. Paint with 1-2 coats of white paint.3. Add Scribble Scrabble paper with Memory Mount glue.4. Add Scribble Scrabble Die cut Swirl to the back with adhesive.5. Add sample bath stuff and towel.6. Wrap with clear bag and tie with tag and ribbon.

Supplies: Drawer organizer from the container store; Making Memories white paint; Memory Mount glue; Scribble Scrabble patterned paper, die cut swirl and tag; Cosmo Cricket jack ribbon; Hole punch from Staples.

Post by Danielle Layton

Fall Is Here!

It's hard to believe, but, it's true, Fall is officially here! In Georgia we have to wait a while for the nice cool tempertures that accompany the change of the season, but, I don't mind. I woke up the other morning to a crisp 58 degrees and I was thrilled LOL! We've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by playing outside more. I snapped a lot of photos the other day and one of my favorites was this one of Jill, striking a pose. I knew right away that the gorgeous, rich colors of the Sweet n' Sour Collection would be perfect for it. They remind me of fall with the deep purples, browns and greens! One of my favorite things about the new collections is the distressed notebook paper each line has. I don't even bother with cardstock, these sheets are nice and thick! I doubled up on them for this layout and distressed the edges a bit further by tearing them. I also love the flocked Chippers - they are SO cool! They add the perfect amount of dimension! I layered some of the die cut sheets and the Chippers for lots of texture and dimension. I love the color combo of this layout, I think the Sweet n' Sour Collection is my new favorite! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Jaime Warren

Webkinz Mania!

My daughter's 4th grade teacher does a time capsule every year. Her current 4th graders write an essay with their plans for the future and include photos and items that are special to them. They also get to witness returning 12th graders revisiting the same project they did when they were 4th graders. At the time, the Webkinz craze was in full force. My daughter spent months mooning over them. I admit I did not understand it. I remembered the Ty Beanie Baby craze and was worried it would come and go just as quickly and at a greater expense. I thought $14.95 was a bit much to spend on a small stuffed animal when all my daughter really wanted to do was to be able to access the on-line games.

And then her birthday rolled around. She received one for her birthday from a friend. I thought that was wonderful. Thought we were done.

Imagine my surprise when *I* was the one to buy the second one! I was shopping for a gift for another of her friends and saw a wide assortment. I had no idea that they were hard to find at the time and I had just walked into a store with a fresh shipment. Still, I bought her the pink poodle.

After that, the number of Webkinz in our home seemed to multiply exponentially! There were gifts from each of the grandparents... repeatedly. There were gifts from others and my daughter even saved money to buy some on her own. Then, the Webkinz folks started to put out accessories. Yes, accessories for stuffed animals. My daughter is a girlie girl and she cannot resist accessories. Trouble with a capital T!

At last count, there are over 20 Webkinz living in a hat box atop a trunk in my daughter's room, along with scatttered accessories. But, just as I predicted, at least for my child, the craze is dying down. She rarely signs on to the Webkinz site any more, has not asked for a new pet or accessory in months, and the actual stuffed animals only get moved when she needs something in her trunk.

I do think she made a good choice for the time capsule... and it forced me to take a photo of something I might not have ordinarily thought to capture. The papers, chipboard flower and rickrack border are all from Scribble Scrabble's new Sweet N Sour collection.

Melissa Ackerman

So Happy Together

Here's a fun little card I put together this afternoon. I used products from our new Indigo Collection--including our new "Chippers" (chipboard stickers), and our Paper Ribbons.
Card making is one of my favorite paper crafts because I can (usually) create one in a jiffy, utilize my stash of paper scraps, and best of all, I've got something special to give away when I'm done!
Happy Scrapping!
Cynthia Coulon

Hands On!

Years ago I worked a couple summers as a docent in an antique museum. I spent much of my time watching over the exhibits and asking people not to touch. Despite all the “Do Not Touch” signs and my verbal reminders, people of all ages would frequently reach forward to get a quick feel of the different items. I found it fascinating to observe the seemingly incontrollable urge of some to get their hands on things. It was as though seeing just wasn’t enough. Somehow touching made the experience complete.
Knowing how people like to touch, I’m not surprised to see attendees, when they come into the Scribble Scrabble booth at tradeshows, walk right up to our displays and immediately feel the products. It’s part of their observation process. It’s interesting to see that people will also run their fingers, feeling texture and dimension, across sample layouts and projects.
I totally understand the need to touch things. I’m a tactile person too. I try to keep my hands off museum pieces, but where touching is allowed, I’ll do it! Touch is one of my five senses, after all, and I like to use it.
One of my favorite things about scrapbooking and paper crafting is using my hands to create tangible items. It’s a very “hands on” activity. The results are “hands on” too. I really enjoy being able to hold, share, and display my creations.
Now and then a friend or associate will ask me if I think digital scrapbooking will bring an end to paper scrapbooking. I don’t think so. Despite all its appeals and advantages, digital scrapbooking can never completely fill that “hands on” need that so many of us have when we create.
Admittedly, I spend most of my creative design time on the computer. I couldn’t do what I do without it. My computer is one of my BFFs. But as happy as I am to do digital work and see a design come together, it is SO much more exciting and satisfying when my “virtual” paper becomes real and I hold it in my hands. Then the fun begins. Then I can really play with it!
So, here’s to all of us that love to handle, touch, manipulate, cut, feel, tear, fiddle, and create with real paper in the physical world!
Cynthia Coulon