Hands On!

Years ago I worked a couple summers as a docent in an antique museum. I spent much of my time watching over the exhibits and asking people not to touch. Despite all the “Do Not Touch” signs and my verbal reminders, people of all ages would frequently reach forward to get a quick feel of the different items. I found it fascinating to observe the seemingly incontrollable urge of some to get their hands on things. It was as though seeing just wasn’t enough. Somehow touching made the experience complete.
Knowing how people like to touch, I’m not surprised to see attendees, when they come into the Scribble Scrabble booth at tradeshows, walk right up to our displays and immediately feel the products. It’s part of their observation process. It’s interesting to see that people will also run their fingers, feeling texture and dimension, across sample layouts and projects.
I totally understand the need to touch things. I’m a tactile person too. I try to keep my hands off museum pieces, but where touching is allowed, I’ll do it! Touch is one of my five senses, after all, and I like to use it.
One of my favorite things about scrapbooking and paper crafting is using my hands to create tangible items. It’s a very “hands on” activity. The results are “hands on” too. I really enjoy being able to hold, share, and display my creations.
Now and then a friend or associate will ask me if I think digital scrapbooking will bring an end to paper scrapbooking. I don’t think so. Despite all its appeals and advantages, digital scrapbooking can never completely fill that “hands on” need that so many of us have when we create.
Admittedly, I spend most of my creative design time on the computer. I couldn’t do what I do without it. My computer is one of my BFFs. But as happy as I am to do digital work and see a design come together, it is SO much more exciting and satisfying when my “virtual” paper becomes real and I hold it in my hands. Then the fun begins. Then I can really play with it!
So, here’s to all of us that love to handle, touch, manipulate, cut, feel, tear, fiddle, and create with real paper in the physical world!
Cynthia Coulon